Sustainability Manifesto – Kajal New York

Sustainability Manifesto

01. Fact

What Makes Us Sustainable?

We believe our purpose is to create sustainable fashion that pioneers zero waste and net-carbon emissions, all while supporting  women. We do this in several ways.

Small Scale Production 

We focus on quality over quantity. We manufacture our garments in low-volume batches for quality control, to avoid overproduction and prevent waste.

Responsible Materials 

We create our garments by using only recycled, natural and deadstock materials that do not contain chemical finishes. This reduces pollution and excessive water consumption. 

Zero Waste 

As part of a climate-neutral future, it’s important for us to be zero waste. One way we do this is by implementing pattern-cutting techniques that eliminate all waste during garment construction. 

Women’s Equality 

As a woman-owned business, supporting women’s equality is essential. We produce our garments in New York and India. In India, we work with Master G, at a woman-owned and operated factory that provides women from lower income backgrounds, with fair wage working opportunities 

02. Values

What Are Our Core Values?

We raise awareness by campaigning for environmental and social change

We design clothes that are made to empower women

We are bold and take action to pioneer change

We protect our worker’s rights by taking on the responsibility that all our workers’ rights are protected and respected

We choose quality over quantity, working with  high-quality materials that stand the test of time


What Is Our Mission?

Kajal New York exists to empower women and inspire positive change. Our mission is to pave the way for the future of luxury fashion, through responsible materials and zero waste techniques, while being 100% transparent.

05. Commitment

How Do We Pioneer Change?

Our mission is to protect our environment while liberating and empowering women. These are our goals on how we will pioneer that change.

Garment Production 

We produce ethically made garments with zero waste pattern cutting techniques. Our goal is to reach net zero emissions by 2024. 


We believe honesty is the best policy. We are honest, transparent and open about our supply chain.


Our high-quality garments are kind to the planet and our skin.